Pre Order

What is Pre-Order?
Pre-orders are items that are not yet in stock but pre-ordering allows you to reserve product early. The product will also ship to you on the first available date.


When Would I Get the Pre-Order Package?
Please note that the delivery date is an estimated shipping date. We are unable to guarantee delivery dates for pre-order items due to unforeseen delays by the manufacturers. Your credit card will be charged upon placing your order. If for some reason we cannot fill your order due to an inventory or manufacturing error, we will cancel your order/refund you. Thank you for understanding.


What if I ordered with in-stock items that are not Pre-Order Item?
The total shipping charges for each shipment will be allocated proportionally to the cost of the items shipped; the total shipping cost charged will not increase. Please note that all pre-order items will ship via standard USPS. You may receive several shipments in order to complete the fulfillment of your order, but if you want to receive the package into one package, all items will be shipped when the pre-order is fulfilled.