I seriously love Atlanta, as in… I love the weather in ATL right now! The brutal cold weather has passed, so let the outdoor festivities begin!

If you are new to the area, you have to ride bikes with your best friends on the Atlanta Beltline. My friend Rob (the blonde dude) just moved from San Francisco (I seriously don’t know why he moved back because I would do ANYTHING to live in California), so I wanted to show him around town. We met up at Krog Street Market, a market with trendy shops and restaurants that reminded me of Chelsea Market in New York City. We decided to rent bikes at Atlanta Beltline Bicycle for $5.00 an hour.

I haven’t ridden a bike in a decade,” Rob said.

Oh boy, I hope we trip on something and eat it,” I said.

There were so many people running, walking, jogging and riding on the beltline. I love the Beltline because it is a trail that goes from Inman Park all the way up to Midtown. There are so many creative artwork and graffiti that look Rad, Dope, Cool, Eccentric (haha). 

After our “intense” bike ride, (and no we didn’t fall), we decided to stop by Ladybird for a drink. Just to let y’all know… They opened up a Beer Garten and it was completely packed. I admire the fact that people can drink, socialize, and hang out with their pets at Ladybird. Like, super chill. 







Then we headed to Barcelona at Inman Park.

Inman Park is another trendy area near Downtown Atlanta with lots of restaurants and
coffee shops. My favorite places to eat are MF Sushi and Barcelona. (You probably thought I went to the country Barcelona, Spain when you read the title... one day I will!)

The Tapas menu is to die for here. I do recommend you to try the Hanger Steak (yum) and the Fried Calamari (if you like squid).

Next up, we went to Buckhead to visit our buckhead betties and besties!

If you haven’t been to Buckhead Saloon or any of the bars in Buckhead, it is a rite of passage for you young professionals (who are old enough to drink).

I met up with my Fireball girls Jenna, Amber, and Mary Beth and ran into The Birthday Boy Brandon! It was a total blast hanging out with friends, soaking up the warm spring weather in good old Georgia and enjoying another week before I head to New York City.

I loved the outfit that I decided to wear this weekend because it was The Perfect Spring Crop Top and Shorts. Weird enough, I can’t tell if this is baby blue, lavender, or purple. Do you remember the Blue and White or White and Gold Twitter dress that was trending last year? It definitely reminded me of that dress because this dress kept on changing colors (or I may just be color blind). 

I still can’t decide what color it is. It is definitely a complicated outfit to wear because it crosses in the back as well as ties in a weird way. You may need to ask your friend to help you put this one on, ladies.

Funny Note: I forgot to tell you… Don’t park your car at a random place when you’re intoxicated (No, I didn’t drink and drive, but my friend did move my car at some point). I went to pick up my car at 8AM in Inman Park and forgot where I parked my car. I thought my car got towed, so I was flabbergasted by this incident.

“Well, three things could’ve happened to your car: 1. You parked your car in the wrong spot and don’t remember it. 2. Your car got towed which would suck if it did 3. Someone stole your car, which I highly doubt they would (because it’s a Nissan Altima, haha),” Brandon said.

The Birthday Boy Brandon (Superman) came to rescue and realized that I parked my car in the wrong spot, like an idiot.

Well, I am super grateful to have amazing, supportive, lovable friends. I can’t wait to share my Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious memories in New York City next week.






March 22, 2016 — KNOW STYLE

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