Kim Kardashian wearing a luxury choker

'90s Jewelry Is Back

The holiday season is not over! With Christmas past, we now have New Year's Eve celebration. KnowStyle has the perfect chokers to help finish the look. The hottest accessory for...
2016 Holiday Party Outfits | KnowStyle

2016 Holiday Party Outfits | KnowStyle

‘Tis the Shopping Season’ has come, is just around the corner with Christmas and New Years parties. What should I wear? , is always the number one question. But don’t...
Fashion Brands Shouldn't Surcharge For Plus Sizes | KNOWSTYLE

Fashion Brands Shouldn't Surcharge For Plus Sizes | KNOWSTYLE

As women, we can agree that shopping (itself) can be a challenge. We are constantly trying to find clothes that fit right, accentuate your curves, and give you a little...
Ciara Style grande

Celebrity Casual Outfit Inspirations For This Weekend | KNOWSTYLE

Who is ready for the weekend? (I am!) Who is ready for fall? (We are!) Because the weekends are all about being casual and comfortable, we pulled the latest fashion...
Balmain Kylie Jenner grande

Fashionable Bloomers 2016 | KNOWSTYLE

Would you believe me if I told you that granny panties and bloomers are back in style this year?  We believe it.  Vogue magazine published that these vintage-inspired, high-waisted bloomers...
Casual denim dress for weekends

Outfits For Work, Weddings & Weekends | KNOWSTYLE

Want affordable outfits for work, weddings and weekends? We found some items that you may like to wear this week because we want you to look stylish all the time. ...
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Celebrity Inspired Fashion | KNOWSTYLE

  Want to dress like your favorite celebrities? We found the perfect celebrity inspired fashion for less because we want you to look #flawless like them without breaking your bank...
Black Dresses Every Girl Should Have | KNOWSTYLE

Black Dresses Every Girl Should Have | KNOWSTYLE

"One is never over-dresses or under dresses with a Little Black Dress." - Karl Lagerfeld Everyone has a black dress they love to wear. However, style is continuing to change...
July 11, 2016 — KNOW STYLE
Spagetti Straps Off The Shoulder Top with Black and White Stripe Pattern Ruffled Edges

Off The Shoulder Fashion | KNOWSTYLE

Hey #Kshotties! As you all know, this summer is all about off the shoulder tops. The reason why it is such a popular trend is because most of the off...
July 08, 2016 — KNOW STYLE
July 4th Outfits Under $50 | KNOWSTYLE

July 4th Outfits Under $50 | KNOWSTYLE

Hey #KShotties! I hope you are having a Fun Friday! To help you stay motivated, I want to give you a inspirational quote said by an empowering woman, Oprah Winfrey....
July 01, 2016 — KNOW STYLE
botox infograph

Five Simple Steps To A Healthier Lifestyle | KNOWSTYLE

Hey #KShotties,  We can all agree that people are constantly finding ways to lose weight and to be healthy. Whether you are on a special diet or working out 6...
June 29, 2016 — Apolo theme
Lionesse beauty bar products


  Hey #KShotties! First off, I just want to wish you all had a HAPPY WEEKEND! I bet you are excited for July 4th weekend coming up (at least I...
June 27, 2016 — KNOW STYLE