Hey #KShotties!
First off, I just want to wish you all had a HAPPY WEEKEND! I bet you are excited for July 4th weekend coming up (at least I am! I can't wait to show you all about my July 4th trip to Tampa!)
With that being said, I wanted to talk to you all about some of the beauty and fashion trends that are in style right now for summer 2016. I know in the previous video (click here), I really focused on fashion and some of the upcoming styles in the FASHION industry.
Well, I had a superb opportunity in this video to combine two of my favorite things in life: Beauty, Fashion and Music. I found this skin care and hair company called Lionesse Beauty Bar and decided to create a combination video for you guys.
I think it is important to review products before purchasing them, so I wanted to test the products in the video myself and show you the honest results. So here is a Lionesse Hair Pink Hair Straightener Review.

Personally, I think it is totally worth purchasing all of the products that I have mentioned in the video because of the fact that IT REALLY WORKS. We all know that pictures are worth a million words.


Lionesse Ceramic Pink Hair Straightener


Moving along, I wanted to talk about some of my favorite tops at KnowStyle. As you all know, off-shoulder tops are coming back in style and I absolutely love all of them. They are very breathable because most of them are made out of cotton, as well as the light pastel colors really compliment tan summery skin. I am totally obsessed with wearing my off-shoulder tops with white skinny jeans and wedges. What do you think?

KnowStyle Blue Sky Shirt

KnowStyle Real Life Choker

Well, I hope you like this video as much as I do! Thank you all for taking your time to read this blog post!! I wanted to let you know that we do have big July 4th sale coming soon… So, be out on the look out for that!
Jooliana Kim
June 27, 2016 — KNOW STYLE

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