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Want to dress like your favorite celebrities? We found the perfect celebrity inspired fashion for less because we want you to look #flawless like them without breaking your bank account.

Here are the latest taste-makers in the fashion industry: Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Johanna Ortiz, Alessandra Ambrosio, and of course Carrie Bradshaw from The Sex and the City (duhhhh).

If you are one of those sexy provocative vixens who love the grungy style with leather. Bella Hadid wore this tight leather dress with her favorite black CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN heels (killin’ those strides babe).


Shop Leather Dress for $29.99

Available in colors: Red, Blue, White, Black

Bella Hadid Black Leather Dress

Shop Leather Dress for $29.99

Available in colors: Red, Black

Keep the grunge goin: Gigi Hadid is following her sister’s footsteps. From Gigi Hadid’s matching set phenomenon early this year to now, all grunge rock & role, we have concluded that she can pull off anything (when it comes to fashion). Don't forget, bodychainz and chokers are in as well (She is fresher than 2Chainz

Shop Gigi Hadid Inspired Shirt for $19.99

Available in colors: Navy, Gray


Shop Gigi Hadid Inspired Shirts for $19.99

Available in colors: Navy, Purple 


Alessandra Ambrosio is one of those girls who can pull off anything when it comes to dresses and floral prints. Her beautiful, enlightening smile goes with (literally) everything. What do you think of this beachy, floral, maxi dress? You're in luck because we have similar dresses for you! 


 Shop Alessandra Ambroiso Inspired Maxi Dress 1 for $32.99

Available in colors: White, Black 


Shop Alessandra Ambroiso Inspired Maxi Dress 2 for $32.99

Available in colors: White, Black 


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What a babe Johanna Ortiz is. Who is in love with off shoulder tops and dresses? We have so many off shoulder tops and dresses that range from different colors, fabrics and patterns! The outfit choices are limitless. Most of them range from $20 to $50 (for outfit sets)


Shop Johanna Ortiz Off Shoulder Tops for $18 - $36 

Available in various colors 




Finally, who hasn't seen Sex and The City? I wish they would bring this show back (I hope they do one day) with new seasons and episodes. We can't get enough of our favorite Carrie Bradshaw! 


Shop Carrie Bradshaw Inspired Top for $29.99

Available Colors in: White, Light Blue 


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Thank you for reading this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious long blog post! I hope you look fabulous like your favorite celebrities (ohhhhhh, yeah!) 





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Is it just me, or is there a rising trend of hoodie crop tops and sweatpants?

Is it just me, or is there a rising trend of hoodie crop tops and sweatpants?

Hola from Atlanta! This is Jooliana (Pronounced Joo-Li-Ana).

Is it just me, or is there a rising trend of hoodie crop tops and sweatpants?

I still remember when I was in high school (back in 2008… Eeek, I am getting old), I wore my Abercrombie and Fitch shirt and leggings to the new school that I transferred to, and every girl asked me, “Joo(liana), where are your pants?” (How Annoying Embarrassing). Well, I would say, “These are my pants.” I told my mom that I didn’t get along with the girls at school because they were making fun of my outfits!

Then a year later, I saw every girl (short, tall, curvy, skinny) wear my freaking leggings!!! Guess high school kids realized how comfortable and fashionable leggings can be.

Now, matching Hoodie Crop Tops and Pants are in (even though I still love my leggings).

So I decided to give the look a try even though my butt isn’t quite there yet (I am working on it... Squats for days, ladies). I found these really really really comfortable and cute Jordan Military 4s (Want one for yourself?) to match with my sporty outfit. Surprisingly, it really accentuates your body! I never knew I had curves until I wore this outfit.

The best part about it is that you can wear it at the gym (like me) or you can wear it out for Sunday Funday! I went to the bars afterwards where you get Bottomless M.I.M.O.S.A.S. (Cheerz)

I must say, bravo for Gigi Hadid for setting this trend, because girl---- it’s Fabulous.




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