2016 Holiday Party Outfits | KnowStyle

2016 Holiday Party Outfits | KnowStyle

Tis the Shopping Season’ has come, is just around the corner with Christmas and New Years parties. What should I wear? , is always the number one question. But don’t worry #KShotties! We’ve put together some fabulous outfits, so you can shine bright like a diamond for this season. 
2016 Winter Trend, velvet is a must have for parties this holiday season. Be in the current fashion, wearing our elegant Modish Velvet Jumpsuit. Style this jumpsuit with a pair of black pumps or even booties. Additional gleam necklace with stud earrings for a little touch to the outfit. Go all red with a pair of our red North Pole Fur Vest to stay warm for outdoor events.
Another best seller velvet dress is the Crushing Dress. A velvet slip dress, beautifully crafted by a crushed velvet design will earn you plenty of admiring glances. Dance the night away with the sexy bodycon dress on a night of fruity drinks. Body hugging soft and stretchy velvet flattering your figure. Style it with our high fashion Wildflower Fur Vest for a luxurious look for this cold season. Ladies, stay warm but classy.
Current hottest item is our Something New Crop Top & Pants SET. Sequin crop top and silk material bell line bottoms stunt your body curves. The sequin details will keep you shinning throughout the night. You’ll be catching kisses left and right wearing in the two piece set. Pair this outfit with our fashionista Formal Clutch. Always carry your favorite lipstick and a hint of perfume. Add your favorite pumps to finish the outfit, and you will be the star of the party.
Sequin, is always the holiday season material. Prepare for the most glamorous holiday season with a outshining romper from KnowStyle! Weekend Love Romper is the perfect countdown for the weekend to wear outfit. The stunning long sleeves embellishment featuring gold sequin fringe detailing will have all eyes on you for the event. Finish the outfit with pairs of glittery heels and silver Luxury Choker.
Hope this gives you some ideas and inspiration for "what to wear" this holiday season. Shop Now as we are offering Special Discount & Free Shipping.
Ciara Style grande

Celebrity Casual Outfit Inspirations For This Weekend | KNOWSTYLE

Who is ready for the weekend? (I am!)

Who is ready for fall? (We are!)

Because the weekends are all about being casual and comfortable, we pulled the latest fashion trends that you can rock this weekend. Whether you are having brunch with your girlfriends, grabbing drinks at a local pub or going to some fancy event, it is all about comfort, causal and confidence. Of course, we get our fashion inspirations from one of the leading beauty and fashion magazine, ELLE Magazine where we found these amazing styles and photos Just. For. You. 


Who loves Ciara as much as we do? She is a total 90's babe that rocked our jams! She's still sexy, fierce and fabulous. Of course she made it in Elle Magazine's fashion website because of her amazing outfit this year to Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Sports. Did you see her dress at ESPY Awards 2016? (I almost died because it was so gorgeous). So, if you like her casual look, we have the perfect outfits to mix and match for you!

These knee ripped jeans have been really popular cause it is skinny jeans and sorta high-waisted! But my favorite part about the jeans is that it is stretchy, but it doesn't stretch out after wearing it long periods of times (no butt crack for me!) 


To match your jeans, we need a white top. Of course, we have some #slayin tops for you at KnowStyle. My favorite top is the following Killin' it All Day Everyday top because 1) it is super affordable... like $15.99 (seriously). 2) it goes with everything 3) You should be killin' it everyday, girl! 


Finally, you need some bomber jackets and nikes to complete your Ciara-lookin' outfit! I think light bombers are super comfortable and they are relatively cheap at KnowStyle right now. Not to mention, we have them in white, black, mint and pink. Of course, these babes are on sale right now for $29.99 which is super cheap because originally, it was $39.99! 


Nikes are sexy if they are worn with the right outfit! Have you checked out Nordstrom's new Nike high top release? Well, here is a link if you like the image below. I love these wedge sneakers because it still gives you a little boost and makes your booty look gooooood :-)



Up next, we have Selena Gomez in her matching comfy slayyyyyy :) of course, she is such a talented singer, gorgeous and we also LOVE her style. As you know, hoodies are coming back in style for Fall 2016 (according to Elle Magazing).


First off, let's talk about Selena's sunglasses. As you know, the Cat-Eye sunglasses have been super popular!! Especially, my favorite Quay (love, love, love). You can purchase similar sunglasses right here at Zappos! QUAY AUSTRALIA Invader

Of course we have plenty of matching hoodies and pants sets at KnowStyle. One of my favorite is the one that @iluvsarahii wore in her instagram picture (see below). This gray one has been super popular, so we had to reorder them again! It is great if you are planning on traveling out of town and you want to look comfy and cute. 


If you like pattern hoodie sets, we also have a camo one too for less than $50.00.


Of course, some of you like those heels that Selena was wearing while she was walking through the airport! We have the perfect white Steve Madden heels for you. They are on sale and you get free shipping by using promo code: SMFREE50 (Chi-ching!) 


Do you like Gigi Hadid? I know she's literally one of the top trend setters (close to the Kardashians). I had to show this Tan set that she is wearing, which literally blew up everywhere! We still have a couple of them left at the store and not to mention... It is $19.99 for the top and $19.99 for the bottom (Use promocode: BOS


Here you can get the set below


Not to mention, you can get Gigi Hadid's circular rayban glasses here

 If you like Gigi Hadid's shoes, I think Toms are the perfect casual wear for us. Did you know that they donate a percentage of their sales to charity? Always givin' back. 



I hope this gives you some inspirational /casual outfit ideas for this weekend and here is a promocode for 15% off : CHECKOUT15




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Balmain Kylie Jenner grande

Fashionable Bloomers 2016 | KNOWSTYLE

Would you believe me if I told you that granny panties and bloomers are back in style this year? 

We believe it. 

Vogue magazine published that these vintage-inspired, high-waisted bloomers are back in style. The magazine stated that familiar clothing brands such as Burberry, Fendi, Dior and Dolce & Gabbana even released new items that follow this trend. Not to mention, it is a fashion trend highly worn by famous celebrities: Beyonce (of course), Kim Kardashian and even Taylor Swift


(Above) Kendall Jenner Wearing Balmain's Bloomer Style Outfit



(Above) Bloomer Styles at Burberry Fashion Show 2016 


If you like the bloomer styles, we have the perfect bloomer-inspired outfits for you at affordable prices. Tap the image for outfit details :-) 








Like what you see above? Use promocode: Jooliana20 to get 20% off your first order with us! Thanks for reading and happy shopping! 



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bella hadid transformation

Celebrity Inspired Fashion | KNOWSTYLE

Want to dress like your favorite celebrities? We found the perfect celebrity inspired fashion for less because we want you to look #flawless like them without breaking your bank account.

Here are the latest taste-makers in the fashion industry: Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Johanna Ortiz, Alessandra Ambrosio, and of course Carrie Bradshaw from The Sex and the City (duhhhh).

If you are one of those sexy provocative vixens who love the grungy style with leather. Bella Hadid wore this tight leather dress with her favorite black CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN heels (killin’ those strides babe).


Shop Leather Dress for $29.99

Available in colors: Red, Blue, White, Black

Bella Hadid Black Leather Dress

Shop Leather Dress for $29.99

Available in colors: Red, Black

Keep the grunge goin: Gigi Hadid is following her sister’s footsteps. From Gigi Hadid’s matching set phenomenon early this year to now, all grunge rock & role, we have concluded that she can pull off anything (when it comes to fashion). Don't forget, bodychainz and chokers are in as well (She is fresher than 2Chainz

Shop Gigi Hadid Inspired Shirt for $19.99

Available in colors: Navy, Gray


Shop Gigi Hadid Inspired Shirts for $19.99

Available in colors: Navy, Purple 


Alessandra Ambrosio is one of those girls who can pull off anything when it comes to dresses and floral prints. Her beautiful, enlightening smile goes with (literally) everything. What do you think of this beachy, floral, maxi dress? You're in luck because we have similar dresses for you! 


 Shop Alessandra Ambroiso Inspired Maxi Dress 1 for $32.99

Available in colors: White, Black 


Shop Alessandra Ambroiso Inspired Maxi Dress 2 for $32.99

Available in colors: White, Black 


Shop Maxi Dresses at KnowStyle

What a babe Johanna Ortiz is. Who is in love with off shoulder tops and dresses? We have so many off shoulder tops and dresses that range from different colors, fabrics and patterns! The outfit choices are limitless. Most of them range from $20 to $50 (for outfit sets)


Shop Johanna Ortiz Off Shoulder Tops for $18 - $36 

Available in various colors 




Finally, who hasn't seen Sex and The City? I wish they would bring this show back (I hope they do one day) with new seasons and episodes. We can't get enough of our favorite Carrie Bradshaw! 


Shop Carrie Bradshaw Inspired Top for $29.99

Available Colors in: White, Light Blue 


Shop Fashionable Skirts

Thank you for reading this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious long blog post! I hope you look fabulous like your favorite celebrities (ohhhhhh, yeah!) 





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Rhinestones black dress

Rhinestones Make Its Way Back To The Fashion World




  | Outfit of The Week : Hot Issue Stone Dress  |


Rhinestones are making its way back to the fashion world, but classier than ever. Remember when Ed Hardy Rhinestone Shirts were in style, then Miss Me Jeans with Rhinestones took over.

Now it is time to combine mini dresses and rhinestones, baby. 

This black mini dress is definitely an eye catcher! The rhinestones placed in a symmetrical pattern makes this outfit look very elegant and sexy (because of how short it is).

I am 5'2" in height, so I recommend people with long legs to buy this dress in a size bigger. This dress comes in white and silver rhinestones or black with silver rhinestones. I recommend you to dry clean this dress or hand wash it, so the rhinestones stay in place. 

Wear it with your favorite black Chanel shoulder bag and some simple black heels to complete this outfit. 





 | Location: Chateau Elan Winery & Resort |

March 28, 2016 — KNOW STYLE
There are no bad dates. Only good brunch stories.

There are no bad dates. Only good brunch stories.

And there were plenty of "good brunch stories" shared over sipped mimosas at last Saturday's Black Tie Brunch at STK. This was my very first true brunch experience. (And let's just say this has become a new Saturday ritual.) I was fortunate enough to share this "first" with new(ish) Atlanta friends Caitlin, Liz (@lizirons88) and KnowStyle's own Jooliana (@joolianakim), as well as my old friend from back home in Clemson, SC, Brittany (@britt.allena).

Want to know my favorite part of this first day of brunching? Wearing this gorgeous red dress from KnowStyle! This dress isn't called "A Long Beauty Dress" for nothing. I felt like a movie star in this dress, especially with all the compliments I was getting throughout the event. I styled this dress with a pair of nude pumps, studded diamond earrings and a sleeked back ponytail. The simple added details were a perfect combo with the dress thanks to my dear friend and daily stylist Danny Ratcliffe (@dannyratcliffe).

Thank you to KnowStyle for dressing me for those bad dates as well as for the good brunch stories. Till next time!

Tracy Smith
February 29, 2016 — KNOW STYLE
Golfing Can Be A Challenge (Sometimes), But You Know What Isn’t?

Golfing Can Be A Challenge (Sometimes), But You Know What Isn’t?


Hey #KShotties, I wanted to update you on my super exciting boring life.

I developed an interest in golfing (after you know, the hottie Jordan Spieth won the 2015 PGA tour), so I decided to take a mini trip to Top Golf in West Midtown with some of my #BAEs Brooke (IG @Brookenevels ), Tracy (IG @tracyelizabeth18 ), and Casey (IG @liljonesyyy).

I thought it would be a great time to write a blog post because I absolutely SUCK
at golf, but socializing, eating and “pretending” to be the best golf player is always FUN. If you haven’t tried Top Golf’s Mushi (Mexican Sushi), you are MISSING OUT!! They are so creamy, savory and D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. It literally melts in your mouth (besides the soft tortilla shell).

 Is it just me, or does Georgia weather have a mind of its own? It was freezing outside, so I decided to bundle up in my new fashionable jacket. I love this jacket because it is mostly black and white and it has an accent of nude near my shoulders. When you look at the picture below, you see that the jacket has a collar, but it tends to flap back and forth (it has a mind of its own as well!!).

The gold zippers on the pocket and collar make the jacket very luxurious. The only thing that I wasn’t happy with the jacket was the flappy collar. I like my collars to stay popped (throw back to the Abercrombie and Fitch days), but I figured out a brilliant idea to keep them in place. Use a small safety pin or sew it on… and… TADA!

Some of you #KShotties may like the flappy-ness, but I said “No, thank you.”


 *Tap to see jacket details 


Oh, and I forgot to mention, we met Atlanta Hawks Basketball Player Dennis Schröder



You Don't Want To Miss Out On the Suedessentials *

You Don't Want To Miss Out On the Suedessentials *

As we are approaching Spring (Almost there... It's warming up!), we are still in the mist of trying to figure out, "Is it too cold to wear this dress at night? Do we need a jacket? Should I just call it a day and wear jeans and a cute top?"

Well, you don't have to fight about it anymore because suede is totally in for Spring 2016. No, I am not talking about the caramel color suede you usually see lying around the house as throw blankets, but the colorful ones-- like blush, ivory, lavender, baby blue and all of the pastels that make you look cute and feminine. It keeps you warm because the clothing material is thicker than cotton and polyester. 

According to the fashion expert Danielle Prescod from Elle Magazine, " It(Suede) won't be easy to care for, but when you have a Gucci dolman-sleeved wrap top, the future is of little consequence. Here's some inspiration straight from the runways to get you suede in the right direction for next spring(2016)."

Well, the great thing about Know Style, we are always trying to provide you, #KShotties, with the most fashionable and affordable statement pieces for every occasion. 

Check out our Soft and Suede Collection below and see if you find something you like. We have suede bodysuits, suede dresses and all of the outfits you need today. 

Soft & Suede Collection 


Shop Soft & Suede Collection




Brunch, Drink, Sleep, Repeat *

Brunch, Drink, Sleep, Repeat *

What a weekend #KShotties. I think I ate over 2,500 calories from BRUNCH-ING all weekend.Too many Eggs Benedict and Chicken and Waffles for me...

The Famous Craig Devaney ( Who Is Notorious For Posting Too Many Pics on Instagram @craigd37) invited me and a couple of my girlfriends to an exclusive Brunch (and Campagne) event called, "Black Tie Brunch 2016" hosted by Guestlist and sponsored by Michelob Ultra

Let's just say... This event blew a night out in Vegas and a Brunch in New York City out of the water.

You have to be exclusively invited by Guestlist, so you have to "Request An Invite," online. Then you have the option to buy a ticket or a table (Fancy). 

For this event, I decided to wear a dress that was sexy and classy. I wanted something that was different from a "normal" cocktail dress. I decided to wear my Black Premium Crop Drop & Skirt Set. The best part about this outfit is that it is a two piece, so you can mix and match it with some high-waisted pants or a cute skirt. I like how this outfit made out of mesh because it keeps you nice and cool (especially when you are in a hot environment, oohlala!). The skirt is a little long, so it is kind of hard to get in a car or sit because you can't open your legs (you should be keeping your legs closed anyway, hehe). 

My friends and I headed to the event around 11:00am at STK.  I love that there was a killer DJ playing the coolest, chill EDM tunes as we proceeded to mix and mingle. The whole venue was blacked out, so it felt like you were at a fancy club in Las Vegas or Los Angeles.There were strobe lights and tables full of bottomless mimosas, mix drinks, and our favorite beer Michelob Ultra. 

The menu ranged from simple eggs, bacon and grits to a fancier dish like eggs and steak (yum!). My friend Craig convinced me to try the Chicken and Waffles (My first time trying this southern dish). I must say, I loved the crispy salty friend chicken tenders with savory and sweet waffles. 

Around 1:00pm (yes, I mean it), they turned down the lights and started playing the top 40 hits as the servers handed out glow sticks to all of the hotties! We proceeded to dance, laugh, and enjoy the music and atmosphere for 4 hours (time flies when you're having the best time EVER)!

After 4 hours of raging on a Saturday afternoon, we walked out of the venue asking yourself... "Is it seriously bright outside? Are we in Vegas? What is going on? Next?" 

Well, that was another successful weekend in Atlanta! 


SHOP THE BUXOM LIP PLUMPER (Fashion Blogger Brandi's Recommendation) 

*Thank you Dylan York Photography (The best photographer in Atlanta)

for the awesome photos



February 22, 2016 — KNOW STYLE
The 58th Grammy Awards (and the best performances ever)

The 58th Grammy Awards (and the best performances ever)

The Grammy Awards ceremony was such an unique, extraordinary, once in a lifetime experience. 

First off, this is an invite-only ceremony, so you have to be an associate or voting member of the Recording Academy in order to attend the Grammys (How to become a member) . Everyone at the event was dressed to impress: from beautiful, lavish gowns to simple cocktail dresses (like mine).

Everyone looked fabulous regardless.

My favorite part was when I ran into my Atlanta Chapter friends and Michele Caplinger, the Senior Executive Director at Grammy Nominanees party.

The award show was about three hours long including commercial breaks. It is definitely a film production catered for the audience watching it on TV. 

The best part about the Grammys is being able to watch A-List talents such as Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Adele, Justin Bieber, Skrillex, Diplo, Carrie Underwood, Sam Hunt, Demi Lovato, Kendrick Lamar and the legendary Lionel Richie (Click here to view the full list of performers) LIVE!!!! 

My favorite performance was Lady Gaga, Adele, Sam Hunt & Carrie Underwoord (because I love country music) and Kendrick Lamar (he was on fire, literally). 

After contemplating months about which outfit to wear to the Grammys, I finally narrowed it down to a white outfit (My favorite color is white). I am not a big ball-gown type of girl, so I wanted something that was fitting, bright (you can't get brighter than white) and stylish. A week before the event, I found this white dress at the office and I thought "this is PERFECT!". This long sleeve dress with square mesh pattern top was the perfect sexy, but classy dress. It is made out of Terylene, which is the same material that Bebe makes their clothes out of. I decided to wear my white Victoria Secret Bombshell Bra (since I don't have double D boobs), my white Chanel bag, and some white heels. 

I got compliments and kind gestures from various people (men and women) about this dress because it really shows off your curves. The only advice I would give you is... Be careful about ordering colored drinks (like sodas, coffee and red wine) and where you sit. You definitely have to be EXTRA cautious about it because you'll be in trouble! 

Know Style has this Excellent Dress in black and white. It is pricier than other dresses we sell at our store because of the material it is made out of. I will tell you though, it is totally worth the money you spend on it!

After the three hour show, our crew went to the exclusive Red Light Management After Party which was a total blast! My feet were dying though from all of that walking and networking! We met celebrities to producers and the most prestigious industry people. 

Can't wait until the BET Awards in June. Los Angeles, I'll be back (as the Terminator would say).






THE 58TH GRAMMY AWARDS With Your Fashionable Los Angeles BAEs

THE 58TH GRAMMY AWARDS With Your Fashionable Los Angeles BAEs

Thanks to my friend Carmen Rizzo (did I mention he was nominated for the Grammys, twice?), I went to The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where a Grammy Award Winning Artist Miguel performed to kick off the 58th Grammy Awards weekend.

Visiting from the good old Georgia, I never realized how attractive, hot, and fashionable people are in LA! I saw styles from funky bomber jackets to little black dresses and overly voluptuous fur coats. Not to mention, this lady at the party had the hottest cheetah print jacket and boots (#musthaves).

The best part of the night was meeting a girl named Hannah from Berlin (Yes, her accent is S.E.X.Y) who works for an international PR company called, Bold (Business Time…..hehe). Then I met this hot lady named JES who happens to be a talented #singersongwriter.

Guess it’s totally normal in Los Angeles, California.

I may convince the boss lady (my aunt, the shortie) that I NEED and MUST move to LA. Surprisingly, it was a bit chilly outside at night, so I decided to wear this sweater dress! It kept my neck warm, but not my arms. I got so many compliments from guys and gals about my outfit because it’s so unique. If you decide to wear it out in February, don’t forget a jacket or else you’ll freeze your butt (even though it was 90 degrees in LA during the day) like I did.

Another thing I have to tell you about this outfit is that if you wear a strapless bra, make sure it doesn’t fall down (or just go braless haha). But overall, I’d rate this outfit 9 out of 10 for the hotness and 7 out of 10 for its functionality. TIPS: I think wearing sticky boobs will do the trick next time.

Wear some cute black booties and black earrings to top it off and you are ready to go out and enjoy the night.



Up Next: The Grammy Nominations Party.




lαѕнeѕ ғor dαyz

lαѕнeѕ ғor dαyz

It’s Jooliana, your fashion and lifestyle GURU. Today, I wanted to talk to you about my F. A. V. O. R. I. T. E. lashes that are inexpensive and NATURAL lookin’. It's so natural looking that my friends don't even notice I am wearing fake lashes! #sneakygirl :-)