And there were plenty of "good brunch stories" shared over sipped mimosas at last Saturday's Black Tie Brunch at STK. This was my very first true brunch experience. (And let's just say this has become a new Saturday ritual.) I was fortunate enough to share this "first" with new(ish) Atlanta friends Caitlin, Liz (@lizirons88) and KnowStyle's own Jooliana (@joolianakim), as well as my old friend from back home in Clemson, SC, Brittany (@britt.allena).

Want to know my favorite part of this first day of brunching? Wearing this gorgeous red dress from KnowStyle! This dress isn't called "A Long Beauty Dress" for nothing. I felt like a movie star in this dress, especially with all the compliments I was getting throughout the event. I styled this dress with a pair of nude pumps, studded diamond earrings and a sleeked back ponytail. The simple added details were a perfect combo with the dress thanks to my dear friend and daily stylist Danny Ratcliffe (@dannyratcliffe).

Thank you to KnowStyle for dressing me for those bad dates as well as for the good brunch stories. Till next time!

Tracy Smith
February 29, 2016 — KNOW STYLE

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