Mishaps happen in life.

Whether you end up in unfortunate circumstances, accidents, falling-outs, and so forth. But, remember that happiness is a state of mind.

Excitement is the more practical synonym for happiness, and it is precisely what you should strive to chase. It is the cure-all,” New York Times Best Selling Author Timothy Ferriss said.

So, I turned 25 on Sunday, February 28th (not a leap year baby!), but I didn’t have the birthday I expected to have and that is absolutely okay.

I realized the importance of friendships and relationships and how it can help you become a better person or how it can deteriorate you. So, I decided to reconnect with one of my friends Chad because he is an inspirational person who I absolutely adore.

We went to a local Spanish restaurant called, “Eclipse Di Luna,” (You have to try the Paella De Verduras because it is the BOMB. DOT. COM) and also visited one of my favorite (upscale boutique) bowling places in Atlanta, “The Painted Pin.”

He has always been someone who brings me up at times that I feel low and really tries to live in the moment despite of what or how the circumstances are in life.

He told me stories where people have hurt him in the past, but those experiences didn’t stop him from giving another lending hand, being generous and kind. Truly selfless.

This year, I want to make a promise to myself that I will try to meet as many people possible and really connect with people who will motivate me and inspire me to be a better person. Because like my boy Tim said, Excitement = Happiness and we should all strive to be better every day. 

I hope this inspires you all to be the best you can be and find excitement and happiness in everything you do. If not, make different decisions to work towards your happiness. 

On that note, here is my outfit of the day: SILVER LINING LONG DRESS

I found this GEM searching through all of the new items that came in and really fell in love with the asymmetrical patterns and the material of this dress. I love the bright colors (because it reminds me of summer) and it was classy enough to wear to dinner, but casual enough to wear with wedges. The material is made out of polyester, but it is very soft (almost like cotton). The dress has a double lining, so it covers your body perfectly. 

The only thing I advise you (short people), you may have to find some heels or wedges that are high, so it doesn't drag when you walk. Other than that, I give this dress a 9/10! 



March 01, 2016 — KNOW STYLE

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