Brunch, Drink, Sleep, Repeat *

What a weekend #KShotties. I think I ate over 2,500 calories from BRUNCH-ING all weekend.Too many Eggs Benedict and Chicken and Waffles for me...

The Famous Craig Devaney ( Who Is Notorious For Posting Too Many Pics on Instagram @craigd37) invited me and a couple of my girlfriends to an exclusive Brunch (and Campagne) event called, "Black Tie Brunch 2016" hosted by Guestlist and sponsored by Michelob Ultra

Let's just say... This event blew a night out in Vegas and a Brunch in New York City out of the water.

You have to be exclusively invited by Guestlist, so you have to "Request An Invite," online. Then you have the option to buy a ticket or a table (Fancy). 

For this event, I decided to wear a dress that was sexy and classy. I wanted something that was different from a "normal" cocktail dress. I decided to wear my Black Premium Crop Drop & Skirt Set. The best part about this outfit is that it is a two piece, so you can mix and match it with some high-waisted pants or a cute skirt. I like how this outfit made out of mesh because it keeps you nice and cool (especially when you are in a hot environment, oohlala!). The skirt is a little long, so it is kind of hard to get in a car or sit because you can't open your legs (you should be keeping your legs closed anyway, hehe). 

My friends and I headed to the event around 11:00am at STK.  I love that there was a killer DJ playing the coolest, chill EDM tunes as we proceeded to mix and mingle. The whole venue was blacked out, so it felt like you were at a fancy club in Las Vegas or Los Angeles.There were strobe lights and tables full of bottomless mimosas, mix drinks, and our favorite beer Michelob Ultra. 

The menu ranged from simple eggs, bacon and grits to a fancier dish like eggs and steak (yum!). My friend Craig convinced me to try the Chicken and Waffles (My first time trying this southern dish). I must say, I loved the crispy salty friend chicken tenders with savory and sweet waffles. 

Around 1:00pm (yes, I mean it), they turned down the lights and started playing the top 40 hits as the servers handed out glow sticks to all of the hotties! We proceeded to dance, laugh, and enjoy the music and atmosphere for 4 hours (time flies when you're having the best time EVER)!

After 4 hours of raging on a Saturday afternoon, we walked out of the venue asking yourself... "Is it seriously bright outside? Are we in Vegas? What is going on? Next?" 

Well, that was another successful weekend in Atlanta! 


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*Thank you Dylan York Photography (The best photographer in Atlanta)

for the awesome photos



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