Green Khaki Maxi Dress

Of Course Maxi Dress

Raise your hand if you love Maxi Dresses (ME!). The fabulous thing about maxi dresses is how COMFORTABLE they are. If you're a girl who loves wearing dresses out and about, you know that if you wear a midi or mini dress, you always have to make sure to keep your legs closed (mama told me so). When you are about to meet up with a girlfriend for lunch at a cute cafe and you just don't want to worry about wearing a tight dress or tight jeans or shorts, which can be uncomfortable at times, you can whip out the AWESOME MAXI!
As you know, Khaki and Green is totally in style right now (especially Camo, baby). I love this Maxi dress (personally) because how soft it is and it gives some dimensions because of the asymmetrical pattern.  
I do have to warn you that the dress is long, so if you are shorter than 5'3", I advise you to wear some heels or wedges! The last thing you want is to walk down the street (like Pretty Woman), then fall on your face and eat it. Well, eat cement.

Sunny Day Mini Dress

Whoa, Pink is the color of your energy ------ So, the maxi dress isn't really your style. You want to show off them curves, girl! Well, what about this hot, tight, sexy mini dress? It comes in pink, white and black. (FYI). The reason I picked this dress for Summer Picks Under $50 is 1. It is super cheap. I mean you can't get a dress for under $20.00 that also looks like a Bebe Bodycon dress. 2. The Trifecta colors are way to go! I think pink is the cutest, especially because it is summer. 3. (Insert why you love it) 
So lets get into the fit. It is super tight and super stretchy... Which is great because it really holds your body figure in shape. The material is slightly thicker than regular shits-- Almost like a bathing suit material, I would say. 
The only thing you need to be aware of is if you decide to wear this dress, wear some spanks if you want to wear underwear or no-show undies, so people don't see your underwear line.

 Let Me Focus Bikini

Pool, beach and party season is HERE!!!!! Who is ready for pool parties, mimosas, and sexy beach hair? Well, we just got this super sexy and stylish bikini in white and black. I absolutely LOVE this bikini that I (Jooliana Kim) totally bought one for myself!!
I love the mesh details of this bikini that is a great contrast between the various materials. The quality of the bikini is superb, you won't have to worry about washing it and seeing it deteriorate over time. I must say, this is one of my FAVORITE summer items in the store (well, duh). 

 Pinwheel Midi Dress

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The best for the last. I seriously LOVE this blue dress, especially for women with darker skin complexion! This summer cutout dress is super popular among women who love to party it up on the weekend! 

The cut out details make this dress flattering and the dress really hugs your body and bootay. We added a blue choker because we wanted to keep that horizontal swag to match the actual dress (if you know what I mean). 

The only thing I warn you about this dress is that if you are extremely curvy, please buy a size bigger because the dress has a zipper, which means that the dress isn't as stretchy as other dresses in the store! 


Well, I hope you thought this blog post was insightful! I know online shopping can be tricky at times, especially because you can't try on the clothes. But we all love the convenience of being able to purchase the things you love, anytime, anywhere. 

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May 12, 2016 — KNOW STYLE

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