The Perfect Friday Night Date Outfit (for Sushi, if you are a big fan)

What an eventful weekend!! From a fabulous date with a very handsome guy at UMI (Do you have a Valentine? I need one!! Tick Tock, its only 7 days away) on Friday night to St. Regis on Saturday, then SUPER BOWL (and Bravo to the Broncos and Payton Manning kicking ass whoops) on Sunday!

Is it just me, or are you slightly out of it (mentally and physically) at work today? I need coffee, actually like 10 cups please and extra sugar to make up for this weekend.

Since I was out and about with a very special Jew Boy (for some reason, I tend to be attracted to them), I decided to wear this jumpsuit to the very best Sushi Restaurant in Atlanta, GA.

When I first saw this jumpsuit hanging on a hanger (we have it in black and white, ladies), I was quite hesitant about wearing it because of the neckline. It looked very odd to me and very difficult to zip it up all the way (by yourself). But, my adventurous-self saw Miss Daphne Joy wear this in white so I had to give it a try. The jumpsuit is pretty stretchy (must be the spandex and cotton), so it was pretty easy to slip in and out of it. I am short (yes, 5’2”), so I would recommend you wearing heels with them! I am pretty sure this jumpsuit is made for people with long legs. I wore my red Jessica Simpson heels and red lipstick to match’em and YESSSSS, even the valet guy liked my outfit (Score!!). The only thing I would say that was kind of difficult about this outfit was zipping the zipper all the way to the top. The dog-collar-lookin-neckline looks hot, but it can get uncomfortable, so make sure you have a great sitting posture (Back Straight, Chin Up, #KShotties).

Top it off with some cute earrings, and you, my friend are ready to go out and play with your girls (or impress a guy like I did. Just remember to stay C.L.A.S.S.Y and S.E.X.Y).

I can’t wait to share all of my Los Angeles adventures with you guys (I have a special event coming up, so stay tuned).




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