Feelin' A Bit Snuggly And Cuddly Today?

Hi #KShotties! 

I know matching crop tops and sweatpants have been a POPULAR item on our website (We are almost out of stock!). Various Fashion Influencers (@ms.alyssasorto  @stephs_music  @jessicaburciaga  @Veronikablack88) have been wearing similar products or our products, so I decided to give this comfy lookin' romper a try. 

I really liked this product because it is sexy (slightly scandalous) and hugs your body well. The five buttons under the v-neck line is actually sewed into the romper, so you can't unbutton it (which makes sense because you probably don't want all of your buttons undone when you are walking around the house or the streets). 

I must say, the romper is VERY (I mean, VERY) short, so I don't advise you to walk around in public. You may give an old man a heart attack because he will DEFINITELY see your junk in your truck (wink*)

Like the look? We have it in Olive, Grey and Blush. I am wearing the grey one by the way. 

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