The cold winter is hibernating, the spring pollen has disappeared, and now, everyone (including myself) is looking forward to sunbathing and soaking up the summer weather.


Most of us are looking forward to hanging out with friends while drinking mimosas by the beach and the pool. Some of us are looking forward to partying and dancing at music festivals such as Imagine Music Festival, Hangout Music Festival and Electric Daisy Carnival. Others will be traveling and exploring the world: South America, North America, Africa, Australia, Asia and Europe (Did I miss a continent?)
Summer is great, isn't it?


Speaking of all of these enticing events... What are you going to wear? After spending most of your money on planning and traveling to your summer destination, you still want to look fashionable and fabulous, right?


Here are some affordable and fashionable women's clothing that you might like!

The Beach Date Outfit 

Fashionable Maxi Dress Fashionable Maxi Dress  and Gold BraceletFashionable Maxi Dress

When you're on the beach, its all about the flowy waves, the bronze tan, and eye-catching colors (to complement your sexy tan). This mustard dress is perfect if you have a date planned near the beach during vacation. This dress is very classy because of the round neckline and you don't need any necklaces because of the gold accents! However, when the wind starts blowing, you'll soon find out that the two slits near your thighs will turn your partner on (wink, wink*). It is the perfect classy and sexy dress for a date night. What do you think?

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The Miami Club Outfit 

Black Choker Top and Black Skirt Black Choker Top and Black Skirt Black Choker Top and Black Skirt

Is it just me, or is it getting a little hot in here? So, you and your girlfriends decided that you guys are planning on traveling to somewhere wild- like Miami, Las Vegas, Cancun, Los Angeles? Sounds like a party to me! You want to let your inner sexy out and you want to look like that sexy vixen! Well, we have this #slayyin outfit for you. As you know, chokers are IN right now and this top would look perfect with a skirt or high-waisted shorts. Your preference. Walk into your favorite club and I promise you, every guy will turn their heads towards you. Bow to the Queen B. 

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The Brunch Outfit

Black Bodysuit and Tan PantsGold Clutch With Fur KeychainBlack Bodysuit and Tan PantsTan Pants With Bow

Brunch So Hard! After a long weekend, all you want to do is go to brunch with some friends and kick it while drinking some mimosas and bloody marys. You want to look cute and classy, so what do you think of this outfit? This black bodysuit is made out of mesh and cotton, so it will keep you cool when you are grabbing a bite outside. The flowy pants are extremely comfortable and stretchy. Pair it with your favorite clutch and you are ready for some bacon, eggs and waffles! (yum!)

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The Comfy & Chill Outfit 

Destroyed Washed Jeans Soft Blue Crop Top & SunglassesSoft Blue Crop Top Destroyed Washed Blue Jeans

I don't want to seem like a tourist, but if you are planning on traveling... You will be walking around a lot (duh). Sometimes, you just need to chill and feel comfortable while sightseeing, right? So, this extremely soft blue croptop, some stretchy light wash destroyed skinny jeans (boy, that is a long name) is the perfect chill outfit! You can walk around, run around and just hang out if you'd like. 

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April 22, 2016 — KNOW STYLE

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