8 (Honest) Beauty and Fitness Tips from Jooliana

Happy February 11th, everyone! I always get asked by friends (and sometimes strangers) about
what kind of beauty and fitness products I use, so I decided to unleash my SECRET RECIPE, just for my #KShotties!

Isn’t is SUPER annoying when you are scrolling through Pinterest for beauty tips, like applying red lipstick under your eye before applying your concealer (WTF?) or applying Elmer’s Glue on your nose to remove blackheads on your nose (ok, now that is pretty gross). The only thing I used Elmer’s Glue was when I was in elementary school. I would apply the glue all over my palms and peel it off slowly and carefully for my personal satisfaction (yes, I was weird when I was 7 years old).

So, all of the tips and products I mention are  HONEST and TRUTHFUL because I still use them today! If you have questions, comment below!



1. Loofah Bath and Body Sponge

So, I found this little natural sponge when I was traveling to Asia with my ex-boyfriend Loofah Bath and Body Sponge for Face Alix Express Review Picture(thank god we aren’t together anymore). We were in Indonesia for 5 weeks and I took this sponge home with me to exfoliate my body. I hated that I had random pimples on my face and blackheads on my nose. One day, I decided to apply some of my face wash (I use Clinique) on the sponge in the shower and lightly scrubbed my face with it! Prior to this, I used everything to get rid of my pimples, even those expensive “exfoliator-machine-lookin-things” and some expensive face products. I started doing this once a day in the shower and in time, all of my pimples started disappearing! Guess, I finally got that dirt and grime off my face.














Who doesn’t like Coconut oil!? You can literally use it for EVERYTHING. For your hair, as Coconut Oil Reviewa natural eye makeup remover (that is what I mainly use it for), body lotion and even for cooking! Well, it works VERY well when it comes to your hair and eye, but I kept on running into problems when I used it as a body lotion. I would use it on my legs or put the coconut oil bottle in my gym bag time to time, and it would leave oil stains on my clothes. After that point, I realized Coco is good for everything, but as a replacement for lotion… I’d say no, no.

 2. Coconut Oil


3. Baking Soda & Honey

One day, I visited Miss Kim (my aunt, the boss lady, the 5 feet tall shortie) and my cousin Debbiebaking soda and honey exfoliator  had this white-ish, goopy mixture on her face.  I immediately said, “What the F*** is on your face?” She calmed me down and told me to try it after I washed my face. Reluctantly, I put that sticky questionable mixture on my face. It smelled sweet and felt grainy in between my fingers! After rubbing it on my face for less than 5 minutes, I washed my face…. And BOY WAS I SURPRISED!!! My face was soft as a newborn! It was like a natural exfoliator for my face, and you only need two simple ingredients: Honey & Baking Soda!











4. Fake Eyelashes

How much do you spend on fake eyelashes? (They get pretty expensive!!) The individual AGPtEK Fake Eyelashes Reviewlashes are even more expensive!! My friend told me $80.00 for a full-set and I looked at her like…. What? (No way, I am spending that much money). So my frugal butt decided to try various fake eyelashes and found these GEM at Amazon. You can’t beat the price and the quality here. The only thing I would recommend you #KShotties is that have a pair of small scissors to cut the eyelashes to the length of your eyes when you apply them to your eyes! After use, wash them with warm water and pat it down with a napkin, and TADA, it’s like brand new. But best of all, you can’t beat the quality and the price!  

5. Scotch tape for Makeup

I’ve always been so amazed at these Instagram makeup artists who have the perfect winged eyes , perfectly lined up eye shadow and eyebrows. It’s FLAWLESS. So, I figured it out! Use Scotch Tape when you are doing your eye makeup. Put your eye primer on, then get a piece of tape (about an inch long) and line it up with your bottom eye line. Then apply the rest of your makeup and peel it off! Your eye makeup will look like mine, I promise. Tip: Don’t apply your face makeup prior to this because the tape will peel off the face makeup!



Scotch Tape for Eye Make Up Tutorial


6. Cellucor SUPER HD & Cellucor CLK

When I ordered Vitamins through Vitamin Shoppe (they have great deals, ladies), I got this small package of Cellucor Weight Loss Pills. I tried it out of curiosity and boy, I had so much energy! I was trying to lose weight after I graduated from college because I weight 125 lbs and wanted to get down to 110 lbs. I took one to two pills a day (no more than that because you get nauseous, YUCK), worked out regularly and ate relatively healthy (high-protein and vegetable diet). After two months, I saw results! Then I switched over to Cellucor CLK (currently on it), and continued to workout regularly. For some reasons, Asians don’t get weight anywhere besides their belly. Guess that’s where all of the fried rice is stored (thanks ma, for the great genes). But it has significantly decreased my belly fat. * note: I wouldn’t recommend this for long-term use! You have to work out regularly and eat healthy! Less alcohol consumption is a plus!

I am not the biggest fan of fitness trainers (although they are great if you find the right person and can afford it!). So I decided to download this Nike Training and Running App on my iPhone! I have a gym membership, but I don’t like running on the treadmill all the time, and I don’t like lifting heavy weights because I don’t want to get bulky! Like most girls, I want to get toned. So I gave the training app a try and absolutely fell in love with the workouts. I am going to warn you, the workouts on this app are challenging, but you can build your stamina (and body) by consistently working out! Along with my weightloss pills that I mentioned above, it helped lose weight tremendously. I recommend you all to download it if you are into high-cardio workouts! The best part about it? It’s Free.

Nike Training Application Review


8. Sleep 

This is a no brainer. Getting enough sleep is the BEST feeling in the world. But seriously, sleep well and eat well.


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