As you all know, Kanye West, Adam Selman, Area, and M. Martin kicked off the FIRST Day of New York Fashion Week 2016 with a ridiculous performance at Madison Square Garden (I wish I was there too… One day!).   

Well, just because you don’t live in the Big Apple doesn’t mean you can’t rock the trend, right? So, we pulled some of the latest NYFW celebrity to street styles, then added a little #KShotties twist (Yes, It’s cheaper economical because not everyone in this world can afford to live like the Kardashians).

Celebrity Teresa Giudice

Teresa wore this white jacket with bronze/gold colored rings around it to NYFW 2016. The jacket actually has fringe bottoms, but you can't really see it in the picture. Well, doesn't that look familiar? We have a sexy mini dress with gold rings that comes in pink, white and black! The back has a zipper, so the dress isn't very stretchy compared to other products we have. Make sure you buy it a size bigger if you are curvalicious (hehe). 



Up next, ALL WHITE (from head to toe)

As you all know, white symbolizes purity (not to mention everything white just seems so peaceful and clean). For those who are Christians, Jesus wore all white. So it has to be something special, right? 

(Jooliana is rambling at this point.. going off topic)

This lady inspired us to pick out some white outfits that we think would look AMAZING ON YOU!! 



Celebrity Solange Knowles

My gosh, who watched the Super Bowl half-time show last weekend with BEYONCE who flaunted her curvy and fierce body!? I loved it and I'm sure you loved (and envied) it too. We spotted Yonce's sista, Solange in her hot pink cape jacket (I told you they are in style!). Like the look? We have the cape jacket in pink and baby blue for you. 





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